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Barcelona Massage Studio is the secret only a few gentlemen know. This is a private studio in the city center. Absolutely quiet. Because we value discretion.

In a rush? Read our key facts in 2 words:


Massage in 2 words


Suffice to say we have our own style. We value excellent quality and privacy. We value the excellence of massage crafted one at a time.

straight massage

Straight massage means you will be served by a therapist of the opposite gender. For instance, if you are a man, a female therapists will be serving you.

Please contact us to request our pictures.

If you are a lady, a male and straight masseur will serve you if you prefer.

gay massage

We also offer gay massage for gentlemen who prefer being served by a male therapist, whatever the reasons. You don't need to be necessarily gay though.

Please contact us to request our pictures.

mindful massage

We are not serving dozens of gentlemen a day. Because we focus on the customers who are seeking the highest quality.

This makes a big difference. So you can call us for a very exclusive service.

We will treat you as the only man in the world. And you literally are, in our studio. There will be no-one else. You and the therapist of your choice.

We don't serve groups.

Where time stops

Away from the noise, from the stress and vulgarity. So let us spoil you with our most personal massage treats.

Our massage therapies start with the one hour massage.

45 minutes sessions are also available for gentlemen in a rush.

More elaborate massage treats are the 75, the 90 and the 120 minutes sessions. Absolutely exquisite!

Clean private studio

We value cleanliness and hygiene. Not to mention politeness!

 Our private apartment is always clean, with the right scent to welcome you. This also makes a huge difference.

One big massage room

We have one big massage room and also a medium sized cabinet. This way we can serve two friends who do not want to share the same room.

You are free to have a shower on arrival. And also after enjoying our therapies.


Massage Therapies

Fancy a drink?

We'd like to welcome you with a drink. It's on us! We are serving Premium brand drinks. Also still water, sparkling water, sodas and 4 different juices.

This way you'll feel welcomed as by friends.

We can't serve anybody else at the same time. This is a privilege for you! And we know you appreciate it.

Accepting major credit cards

You can pay cash (euros) or credit. The only card we can't accept is American Express.

Please have in mind bank commissions may apply when using your credit card.

International credit cards are subject to extra bank commissions of 10% on our final prices.


Where are we located?

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